Conditions of participation

1. Authorized participants

Participation in this photograph competition is solely restricted to employees of the SCHAKO Group with photographs of SCHAKO products.

SCHAKO is an event organizer responsible for this campaign initiative and is described hereinafter as 'the Operator'.

Participation in this campaign is not linked to costs nor to the acquisition of goods and/or services.

2. Start and duration

The campaign starts when the timer runs out, most probably on September 1th, 2020 and ends on August 31sth, 2021 at 00:00 hrs.

3. General

Participants in this campaign must have an Internet connection and an e-mail address. It is strictly prohibited to use several e-mail addresses or several Facebook profiles to improve the prospects of winning.

This campaign is not linked in any way to Facebook, nor is it sponsored, supported or organized in any way by Facebook. The recipient of data provided by participants is not Facebook but is instead the Operator.The data provided are only used for contacting the winner(s) and for administration of the prize(s). Therefore, all questions, views and complaints must be directly solely to the Operator. Furthermore, the Operator must contact participants by e-mail.

In the event of a violation of the conditions of participation, or of any attempt at technical tampering, the Operator can exclude certain participants from the campaign. In cases of this kind, prizes can also be taken back retrospectively, and their return can be demanded.

The participant is personally responsible for ensuring that the contact details provided are correct. In the event of an incorrect assignment of prizes due to an absence of data provision, entitlement to the prize is revoked.

4. Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st place - 1000 Euro Amazon voucher 

  • 2nd to 5th places - 500 Euro Amazon vouchers

  • 6th to 10th places - 150 Euro Amazon vouchers

The Operator shall identify and notify the winners within 30 working days after the end of the campaign. The winner must then confirm the win by e-mail. If no confirmation is received within 10 working days, the Operator reserves the right to award the prize to other participants.

Cash payment is excluded, as is any form of legal recourse. Each winner is responsible for any taxation that may be applicable to these winnings.

In the event of the Operator, for reasons beyond its control, being unable to make the prize(s) available, the Operator reserves the right to provide a replacement of equivalent value.

Each prize is sent out electronically. As soon as each prize is transferred to the transport service provider, the risk of any deterioration and possible loss is borne by the winner.

The Operator cannot be held liable for any technical or other problems that are beyond the Operator's scope of influence.

By taking part in this campaign, participants accept these conditions of participation.

5. Personal details

SCHAKO will only store the personal details of participants for the purpose of this competition. The data recorded shall not be communicated to third parties, unless such dissemination is essential to enable the competition to be conducted and transacted, or unless the competition would otherwise incur the use of disproportionately high internal resources.

6. Duties of the participant

On submission, the participant provides an assurance that he or she took the photo personally, holds all rights to the photo without restriction, is not infringing any personality rights and has been accorded the right by people photographed and by the owners of rights who feature on the properties depicted, and has received a written declaration of consent for participating in this competition. The participants all fully indemnify SCHAKO and all partners and media from any claims whatsoever pursued by third parties.

7. Rights of use

With each submission, the participant assigns SCHAKO and its partners in the competition a non-exclusive right of use to the photographs, unlimited in terms of geography, time and content. This includes, alongside use of the photo in an exhibition of photographs, in particular but not exclusively the dissemination and publication of these photos on, in press releases, in media and on social media channels of SCHAKO and its partners in this photograph competition. For the named forms of use, the prize-winners have no entitlement to royalties.

8. Jury verdict

Taking due account of public voting (but not dependent upon this), a jury chooses the winners. In this process, each juror makes a personal decision without reference to the evaluation of that same photograph by co-jurors. The decision of the jury is final and incontestable.

9. Jury membership

Committed employees are essential to ensuring that a company flourishes. They think on their feet, get involved, shoulder responsibility and help to assure the well-being of the entire company. Every year, the SCHAKO photograph competition proves this yet again. In the course of the calendar year, all SCHAKO employees in Kolbingen, Messkirch and its international subsidiaries submit photographs relating to SCHAKO references.

10. Basic requirements

  • For each entry, three photographs must be submitted: one exterior view (from the best side), an interior view (in the best light) and a detailed image of the mounted SCHAKO product.
  • No pictures from the Internet may be used.
  • The pictures should have at least eight megapixels.
  • The pictures should be in landscape format. We have made an exception if the pictures in portrait format were particularly good.
  • Each participant can only obtain a ranking from 1 to 10. If more than one entry was made per person, the best entry will be rated.

11. Rating criteria

All entries fulfilling the basic requirements were rated according to four criteria. Not only the individual pictures (image structure, perspective, colour and light effects), but also the combination of the three pictures of an entry (overall impression) were evaluated.

11.1 Photo layout

  • Interesting, appropriate subject matter
  • Creative choice of picture detail
  • Harmonious image layout (golden section, rule of thirds)
  • No detrimental elements

11.2 Perspective

  • Appealing angle of perspective
  • Successful transition between subject matter and background
  • Attractive arrangement of the horizon (for outdoor photos)
  • Dynamic depth of field (for interior photos)
  • Exciting detail view

11.3 Interplay of light and colour

  • Interesting interplays of colours and contrasts
  • Good lighting
  • Lively light mood
  • Visually striking sharpness of depth

11.4 Quality

  • High image resolution
  • Sharpness of image

11.5 Overall impression

  • All three photos of high quality
  • Successful overall concept for the contribution

12. Final provisions

The only applicable form of legislation is German Law.

These conditions of participation, including the sweepstake mechanisms, constitute the final provisions for this campaign. In the event of individual provisions of these participation conditions being or ceasing to be valid, this shall not affect the applicability of the remaining participation conditions.

No legal recourse is permitted.

The SCHAKO Marketing Team wishes everyone success and looks forward to receiving every entry!

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This campaign ended on 31 August 2021.

Without doubt, there will soon be another campaign!


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